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Expectation to Destruction

Expectation leads to disappointment.
Disappointment leads to sadness.
Sadness leads to anger.
Anger leads to hatred.
Hatred leads to destruction.

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Automaton’s Ego

We talk a lot about AI, it’s computational abilities, it’s memory-capacity and how those capabilities could overtake human mental ability.
But what about “experience”? One of the central human characteristics is it’s ability to have an experience.
Agreed, the human is an automaton. 
What is ego, but the fusion of the 50 trillion cells, certain analytical capacity, and the ability to save events as a library of experiences?

Principles of my Life

Change is the only constant in life. It’s more important to understand people than judge them. We all have 30000 days of life. Make every one of them count. Half way though my life, I actually have only about 15000.

Disrupt University Education for yourselves

Male Bonding

Esther Perel explains gender relations like no other.
Sports and military foster male-bonding, the social dynamic among men. 
Business however fosters anti-bonding among men. Dog-eat-dog, elbow everyone, step on other’s necks to make it to the top.

Employee Subscriptions

One way of looking at signing employment contracts is to view them as Subscriptions. Before signing up for a LinkedIn Premium subscription we ask ourselves, what am I going do with it, what's the ROI going to be, and what's the overall value to the company for paying this monthly amount.

Without denigrating the human value of an employee, it's important to value each employment for it's return to the business.

Actionable Point

While interacting with a specific employee, ask the question, is this subscription paying off for the business? Needless to say, we are signed up for as many subscriptions as the number of employees we have.