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Trashing Linux Bashers - 01

Daniel Lyons is a journalist writing for Forbes who has been busy putting a negative spin on Linux and OSS. Since such people to my mind are worse than farm pests, I decided to post a reaction to some of Daniel Lyons' comments.

This one is in reaction to:

Daniel, you are ignorant and your work is miserable. You don't know jack about what makes Open Source software tick, and are a pathetic writer on technology topics - which makes me feel sorry for Forbes Magazine.

I think I've had enough of your trash, and want to document here what your lies actually amount to...
But IBM has a broader agenda--undermining Bill Gates' company. Here lies the next big battle in tech, pitting two erstwhile allies against each other in a fight to rule the computer industry in the years ahead. As big corporate customers seek to lash together worldwide networks and imbue them with more online commerce, a new $21 billion market for Web-linked software has emerged.
"Undermining Bill Gates' company", eh. Atleast they are not desperate like you to sniff on Bill Gates dirty used pants.

What's wrong about unleashing the monopoly. Microsoft charged me $350 for a box of MS-Office when I was a college student earning about $450 doing partime campus jobs. That was my contribution to making those billionaires - thanks to the monopoly. Merely 3 years later, as a business owner, thanks to Linux and other OSS software programs, I got my company's webserver, email-server and groupware servers up and running in $15 which I paid for buying SuSE CD's. So your corrupt taste might not like it - but I as a software consumer am very greatful for not having to pay ridiculous money for low-quality software like Microsoft's.

You are saying the next big battle is to "rule the computer industry". Well let me tell you something - you can forget about anyone ruling the computer industry now. Microsoft ruled it, along with a handful of other companies like Oracle, Sun and IBM sharing large chunks, for a one big reason that the computer industry happened too fast. Technology evolved too fast and the Internet was just a hugely unpredicted destructive influence. But OSS changed all that, and IMHO for good. Linux is a front-runner, but other choices exist too - which together are creating a fairer market (customer choice included). There will be big players, most major of them Google and old dogs will exist too - and oh, Microsoft will of course be around, but they will/have defacto give up bidding for the top spot in software and try to sell video games and entertainment products for children.

They know it too that software is a dead show for them - and if they are paying you money to write trash about OSS, you better put some thought into this point as well.


This news is a bit old on the Internet, but it's nice to see that the campaign by Microsoft and Unisys was a dud!

Keywords for further research:

Yahoo! - "microsoft anti-unix campaign"
Google - "microsoft anti-unix campaign"
Ashant said…
This news comes about an year and a half after I called on software being a dead show for Microsoft. Well, if I chose the right words, I should have used "monopoly" instead of "show".

Anyway, here's further evidence of M$'s discraceful fall from power.
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