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The War No One Wants Any More

The daily news pouring in on fresh terror attacked - today in Jordan have begun to instantly suck me up into sadness, where as I had a more matter-of-fact attitude toward it not too long ago. So much life lost. In retrospect I wonder what leaders in seat in the the U.S government have learnt at all from wars of the past. It's late, but if we don't think it through this time, we may repeat these mistakes again, and again, and again as the U.S has proved it is capable of.

"Dealing" with terrorist elements has meant declaring war on them for the U.S. Other solutions are possible, such as dialogue and political problem solving - but that's a whole another subject.

Not surprisingly continental Europeans', in particular the Germans' postion has been that of a sage where they demonstrate understandings of the ill-effects of war, which history has shown is actually the only long-term effect. This can be owed to WW-II, which in no small way has been decisive teaching lesson for Germany. Is the U.S waiting for one such?

A devastation to the scale that generations to come will remember, which is what happened to Germany in the 1930's and 1940's is not something I don't even dare to put in these words lightly, as it again involves a tremendous loss of life. But this seems to be the only way history has to teach a strong and unmistakable lesson. This was the case in Germany. An overwhelming majorty of the political elite as also the public opted out of the option of Iraq War - II on the basis that it was waged without United Nations approval - the global institution whose very birth charter was to create a worldwide political platform that could avoid war. Perhaps one could argue that Germany, along with there strong anti-war ally France were in a unique postion, primarily that they are an economic power that doesn't need to feel threatened of economic consequences of falling out with the U.S. But Japan, Italy, Spain and Britain are economic big-weights too. The decision was purely political.

But the irony of the situation is that around the date of this writing there is talk that the U.S will vacate Iraq. Thanks for eliminating the dictator who held the keys to the world's 2nd largest petroleum reserves, but thanks also for creating, almost overnight, millions of desolate souls with no perspective on life except for embracing the weapons that are placed in their arms. 2000 U.S soldiers dead and the war is over. This comes nowhere clear to what the lessons Germany went through during the Nazi regime.

So I am actually worried about the fact that the war was started and ended but nothing really changed for America - the next U.S regime whose election campaign gets funded by weapon manufacturing companies will start the next war and 10 years from now I will still wake up to sad news like the attacks in Jordan of today and loss of innocent life - civilian or military.

I hope I am not misunderstood in criticizing the U.S war regime. My point is not to give right to the cause of the enemies of U.S - the fundamentalist Islamists of Arabia and Persia, but rather to oppose the idea of war as an anecdote to the problem. Small arguments like the ones above hopefully alude to the loud messages of peace that the millions of anti-war street demonstrators of London, Rome and Berlin before the outbreak of Iraq War - II, as also those of gaints like Gandhi, to take the cumulative wisdom of history into perspective.


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