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Craving for Google CRM

Having used XRMS, an Open Source CRM package, for my simple CRM needs, I'm craving to take my CRM experience to the next level. Google delivered a slam-dunk with Apps with the collaboration features in word-processor and spread-sheet software, which was the main attraction to switch.

Right now, I'm (wide)-open minded to try anything from the Google House of Super Cool Web Apps. CRM (along with Project Management software) is next on the list. But what value addition could Google provide on top of simple-minded Open Source packages like XRMS, or the more sophisticated spins like Some insightful analysis at


Anonymous said…
Truely; Google might acquire and bundel thier on demand CRM packages with their super cool apps.

Also maybe they will buy one of the other players in the on demand CRM world such as Netsuite,, RightNow...

who knows, but I hope they do!
That's plausible..

I think a key part of the make or buy decision on Google's part would be the market positioning of the player. I'm not too sure who's target group is, but Google is most likely to hit the SME segment, with few privacy/proprietary issues with their CRM data.

My guess would be that Google won't go for, primarily also because of philosophical issues. is a pretty mature company with a mature business model. This probably could be counter-productive to Google, who tends to take over raw/virgin companies with not very mature business models. Take for ex. Earth, Writely, Picassa and even Youtube.

I don't know about, so can't comment on that..

Overall, I'm guess, Google will build it's own CRM.