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Outsourcing Mail Backups to Google

Being into Internet sales and having to do with abundant email traffic with customers, we have in place a system which keeps a copy of every email we send to our customers in form of an archive-copy. We just BCC each email we send to customers to a Technically the method does what it is intended for, but I have noticed over time that the backup account is growing out of bounds and I find myself increasing the disc quota every 4-5 weeks.

One naughty idea stuck me today to setup Google apps for handling a domain called Then I reprogrammed our customer messaging system to direct all archive-copies to

To work with the generous 2GB capacity that Google provides per email account, our messaging system was so programmed as to send backup mails to a different address each month, such as: - for July 2007 backups - for August 2007 backups

.. and so on. 2GB per month should be sufficient for me, since most of our mails don't carry attachments, but if you should need more, the granularity of the above can be increased to daily. Something like: - for 5th July, 2007's backups

We requested Google Apps 500 accounts, so even at daily granularity, we would do just fine for more than a year on a single domain. And after that, I hope Google won't stop us from setting up another subdomain like: So something like: - for April fool's day 2008

I don't know yet if Google will perceive this as abuse, but two things can be noted:

# No human will be reading the archives very often, so big-G won't make any advertisement revenue on those accounts/space. That's actually the point of outsourcing the backups to G, because we need to refer to these mails only once in a blue-moon.

# The keywords are all G's to keep as fodder for their clever search algorithms.

One part of me hopes this post will remain a secret, so Google's attention is avoided and we continue to enjoy the space, but another wants everybody out there's comment on this technique's possible use to you, and probably more importantly, the _abuse_ aspect.

TIA / Ashant


Jared said…
A fellow co-worker does this exact same thing with his work e-mails so your not the only one doing this... though you are surely doing more volume than he is...


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