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India vs. China

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I for one, find comparisions of India vs. China shallow. I think the final discussion should be about standards of lives of people - health, education and perspectives for future. So behind those lofty numbers and future projections - the key question is: Are citizens living better?

This has to be evaluated across the full breadth of each society - rural, urban, educated, illiterate, poor, rich and all such lines.

Also wanted to contradict the author's comment that there exists room for political turmoil in India. I believe the opposite to be true.

The Indian democracy, though apparently chaotic, is by definition, owing to the full representation of the nation's multi-faceted citizenary, a _perfect_ democracy. _Perfect_ as in "water is a perfect solvent" or "air with 21% oxygen + 78% nitrogen (+ 1% other gases) is _perfect_ composition of Earth's atmosphere".

The Indian democracy is structurally very strong. All democratic institutions function according to roles assigned to them by the constitution. The military knows it's role to be limited to protection of the borders. Courts function and deliver justice (only complaint: they could be faster). Bureaucracy can be blamed for it's fatness and sloppyness, but much of the national policy that is shaping India for the future is in fact product of the bureaucracy. As far as the Government is concerned - they are "the brains".

While I am at it - let me also pay a tribute to the common Indian - the "Aam Admi". This magnificent soul from any part of the country, is aware of his democratic and economic value and is incessantly progress-seeking. Going back to our shallow title of "India vs. China", I often like to muse that in China, there is infact only one enterpreneur - the Communist Party; whereas in India there are a billion enterpreneurs, waiting to burst out their entrepreneurial resourcefulness. Not longer than 35 years ago, Dirubhai Ambani was an Aam Admi. And so were many others like Narayanmurti (Infosys), Sunil Mittal (Bharati Telecom) and Laxmi Mittal (Acrelor Mittal Steel). So here's a call to everyone to also start factoring the "Aam Admi" into our predictions for India's future.

Ashant, the parttime patriot :))


Gaurav Tyagi said…

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