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2050 till India the 2nd Largest Economy?

Predictions like this one by Goldman Sachs usually surprise me in how conservative they are. It predicts India will overtake the US economy to become the world's 2nd largest economy by 2050, behind China.

I believe it will not take that long. I've stated before that the entrepreneurial potential of the Indian people is it's biggest strength and source of new jobs and wealth. This in turn, together with a free market and enterprise facilitates unpredictable disruptions, such as the successive booms of the telecommunication and organized retail sectors.

I predict that disruptions of the future will result from business models and new markets discovered at bottom of the pyramid (BOP), while the higher parts of the pyramid continue to develop in more or less predictable fashion.

Studies & reports such as the one above from Goldman Sachs fail to factor such "insider-effects" in India as BOP and the demographic dividend.