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Emotions against Pakistan in wake of 26/11

In wake of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai of 26/11, as one tries to put together the whole picture, and the mind seeks to differentiate friends from enemies, I must confess that all my negative emotions are directed against Pakistan. Hopefully this is temporary, but hopefully Pakistan does something on their part in order to ease India's frustration.

It is indeed plausible that the attacks have nothing to do with the government of Pakistan. This is however not to say that the ISI, which is a power in itself in that country, is not abetting terrorists. If Pakistan's concerns for terrorist attacks in India are any more than crocodile tears, it should reflect in gradual rounding up of terror groups operating out of Pakistan and their elimination.

Pakistan hopefully realizes that terror in India will cause definitive collateral damage to itself, it's image in the world, it's economy and the dignity of it's own people.


Ashant said…
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Ashant said…
It's been about a month since the terror attacks of Mumbai and the capture of the lone terrorist continues to be a central piece of investigations, public debate, and not the least, geo-politics.

Pakistan government continues to deny that this terrorist is from that country, and has successfully managed to work the media to put the whole public in the state of denial (going by Imran Khan's comments on NDTV). They claim "evidence" that the terrorist is Pakistani, to which most people in India are pulling hairs, because nobody knows what further evidence is needed other than the individual himself claiming that he is from Faridkot!

I hope the Zardari government has some strategy behind this denial directed toward pro-terrorism forces within that country such as the army and the intelligence apparatus.

In any other case, this game of denial is going to set the Pakistani people back to where they have been for decades, with the sole aim of their nation being provoking unrest in India or competing with the neighbor (in unhealthy) other ways.

Not that I believe they will be very successful even at that, if India does put in a serious effort internally to tighten security within it's borders, and externally through global influence via UN, US and Europe.

Sooner or later, the Pakistani public should realize that they need put their economy and political stability at the center of their agenda, and not war with India.