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Zoho CRM

I'm enjoying Zoho CRM, as my staff moves tons of data into it right at the moment. Check this blog post..

What I like in Zoho CRM:
  • works faster than
  • has a benign image, whereas has a monopolistic suck-em-for-more-profit predatory image (above episode included)
  • has all CRM features I need
  • 3 free accounts and 12$ per month is generous. Thanks
What I don't like:
  • Google Calendar is still the best for managing todo's. Can Zoho CRM make it easier/faster to manage tasks?
  • seems to be a clone of all CRM SaaS deals out there. Innovation anyone? (for ex. I would appreciate a Firefox plugin alá twitterfox, which lets me add activities fast)
  • I managed to import my Google Apps account contacts to Zoho Contacts, but not further down into CRM.
  • Small quirks like, the Open Tasks list doesn't sort by date (descending), so I don't get my immediate to-dos at the top of the list
  • Styling gets messed up in Google Chrome (not sure whose fault this is)
  • They are competitive with Google, which is generally bad for my IT, since we use Google Apps, Mail and Calendar too much to adapt an island CRM solution.
Wishes on the product-map.
  • Open up API, so the ZCRM will play with Google Apps and Gmail, which is salt and pepper for our work here.
  • Twitterfox like plug-in to Firefox for adding activities, which improves quailty of usage
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