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Twittering time-investments

I'm twittering my way into 3 accounts - Indescon, euroblaze and private/ashant. Seem to prefer it to Facebook. Yet to be seen how significant a distraction this will be!


Ashant said…
OK admitted. Twitter has gotten under my skin...

Dell claims that they did $3 million in online sales from leads generated on Twitter. Here's a more humble attempt to keep track of bullet-points on how it can help a small business, too.

* Give yourselves free links to your website

* Locate people with similar interests (although it's not clear what you can do with them).

Between your followers and those you are following, you form a special interest group. Again, it's yet to be determined what good the group is of..
Ashant said…
One strategy could be to focus at this point on simply adding quality followers, without actually knowing what to do with them.

Once we figure that out, at some point in future, we'll have a ready group of followers to capitalize on.