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SVN Handbook for Developers

SVN Handbook for Developers

The SVN Server

The SVN Server can be accessed at  This is the web front-end to view code and manage your account settings.

Your Login

A username for your login and the associated email account will be emailed to you individually.  You can thereafter request a password reset using the Password Reminder Form.

This login will allow access to:
  • Web functionality at
    • Your account/profile management
    • Web-views of code stored in the SVN repository
  • SVN repository access to various projects assigned to you (for commit, update, checkout etc. operation)

SVN Clients


Windows users may use the TortoiseSVN client available for free from  Please ensure to read documentation and practice using this client as much as possible before using it on real repositories, since mistakes could in the worst case lead to erasion of full code-repositories.


Linux users will find the shell based svn clients immensly useful and powerful for the purpose of accessing the SVN-server.  Please use man for obtaining first information.

Project Work with SVN

As a developer, you will be using the SVN server almost on a daily basis, and even more so when you are commiting code that will be exposed to customers.  A project's life-cycle in an SVN repository are as follows:

  1. At the very beginning of the project's life in the SVN-repository, the SVN Administrator performs an import of a project into a repository.  This becomes the code-base upon which all future developments are based on.
  2. Developers checkout a copy of this code-base and create a local copy on their development machines.  This copy, called the Working Copy (WC), is what developers use on a day-to-day basis.   Developers develop on the WC.
  3. When a piece of code has been tested on developer machines and earmarked as ready to release to end-customers, the developer working on that code can commit it to the repository.

SVN is Directory Based

It is important to bear in mind that SVN commits function at a directory level.  This means we always provide full directory paths when commiting files to the repository (and never individual file names).


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