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The Tabloid Called TIME

Yes, I mean "the" TIME Magazine, which did an articles titled "Why Kate's Gown didn't Dissapoint" this week.  A "royal wedding" in an impoverished nation, is an anomoly in itself.  However it's also:
  • An environmental disaster with 6,765 tonnes of carbon footprint spent for this single event 
  • A day's wasted productivity of some 500,000 people that went down to see the "show".  (Sorry William, Kate - a wedding could be just a wedding, they made a show of yours).
  • Can an indebted nation afford it?  Sources estimate the cost of this lost productivity between 1.2 - 2.9 Bill. UK Pounds.
  • GBP 20 Million for security arrangements
  • GBP 700,000 for flowers
Good sense of the government though, that the wedding celebrations of 20 Mil. GBP were made to be spent by the families themselves.

And doesn't the TIME Magazine have better things to write about than a pompous wedding?  A 2 page story would have been sufficient.  If the apparently highly qualified journalists and editorial were indeed to put their minds and pen/keyboard to something of relevance, they should be discussing the young democracies of Arabia and North Africa, the plight of the Japanese millions and their recovery from destiny, perhaps the economy in the UK.  These might help readers put their minds to eleviating the difficulties of the day, rather than thinking about a spend-thrifty party.