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Satyamevajayate - Crime in Indian Politics

Couldn't help wondering why the tears wouldn't stop while watching Satyamevajayate (on crime in Indian politics). They were for the sadness of the heritage of our freedom-fighters being squandered, the courage of those standing up and putting up a fight against the evil, the disappointment at those who didn't understand the evil, and for the hope of someday overthrowing it.

Riding a Bus vs. Riding a Boat

Recently I was having a conversation with one of my senior team members who has helped build our company for 5 years now, having joined as an intern and moving up the chain over Junior Developer, Senior Developer to today being a Research Associate. In that chat, he drew a parable of wanting to ride a moving bus at speed, when I inquired about how he wants to spend his next 5 years. In other words he expressed wanting to have a comfortable job in a going company where he could jump in and enjoy the ride. It got me thinking, because that's exactly what we can't offer as a semi-startup that gets torn down every couple of years and rebuilt. Yeah, we are permanently rebuilding at this company. A couple of days later I went back to my man and told him that working at our company is more like riding a row-boat, where everyone has to row. If anyone isn't rowing, he's riding at the expense of others' energy. Those rowing would probably want him thrown off at the earliest p…

Postbox 3 for Mac - Rants & Review

About a year ago, scared by Gmail's/Google-NSA-Unintentional-Axis and the sheer ferocity that cloud-software companies have been pursuing my confidential data - "Data is the new gold" - we've re-sworn our commitment to OpenSource software. This lead me to test Thunderbird as an alternative mail-client in our company. Alas, the usability, and one might argue even the stability of the software, at least on the Mac are deeply deficient. Gmail's webmail-client, on day of this writing, is far superior to Thunderbird, period.

Having given up on TB, my next try has been Postbox, at the time touting itself as "Awesome Email". I was pleasantly surprised to note that Postbox is a fork of Thunderbird, where they indeed cleaned up a number of features, and apparently focused on exactly the usability problems TB was failing. It makes the impression that the software is a work in progress. I want to use this blog-post to document some of the minor and major problems …