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Morning Anxiety

Though I have been managing to craft an amazingly happy life since the last 2 years, I couldn’t rid myself of waking up in anxiety. Forceful feelings of anxious negative thoughts, almost fearful, flood my brain in the first minutes after waking up on most mornings. Worse, they’d set the tone for my behavior at the office. On lucky days, or out of chance positive events, I would get into good spirits and still have a good day, in spite of a crappy start. 
These articles helped me overcome morning anxiety.
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Slovenia Impresses

Coming in from Italy shortly after nightfall it seemed like I had covered 75 tunnels between the Italian border and Ljubljana, a hour and a half drive (mild exaggeration). 
Ljubljana is a well organized city, comparable to any of the European capitals. 
I had a chance to step out after a shower into the nightlife, first strolling along the banks of Ljubljanica across the Dragon bridge. As it always is, coincidentally I ran into a few kids who were out to have a happy Friday night. They showed me around and lead me to Matalchick. Without going into details of what happened there, and what was consumed, we moved on to the K4 club, which was a whole interesting experience of itself.  K4 exposed a totally unexpected side of Ljubljana. 
Ljubljana made the impression that it was not a very large capital city, but has all the trappings of it. City life, a young population, thanks to the universities, the working middle class actually earning healthy incomes, and of course it’s senior citizens. 

All jobs are slavery

Entrepreneurship and stakeholding are the only possible expressions of freedom. How’s do you communicate this truth that every entrepreneur will vouch for, to the working class which has been trained to accept slavery as a form of accomplishment? Communication, is the answer! First state the claim, to get them thinking.  Then break down the old model that is dominating their mind at the moment.  Then paint a vision of a better future. Then ask people to pick a side. While doing this, work with group Dynamics. 
Note that it’s easier to be a slave, absolved of difficult responsibilities, toil and sacrifice, than a master, owning every consequence of every action and decision. 
Interesting questions:
If you are an employee in a company, ... would you like to own the company you are working for? ... or would you prefer to co-own it?
Ownership gives you exclusive responsibility of consequences.  Co-ownership allows to share responsibility of consequences. 
Millennials, or whatever your gener…


I measure hard work in terms of sacrifice. In other words what are we willing to give up as an opportunity cost in order to reach a particular outcome.
Furthermore, something that is underrated is the amount of psychological energy spent in accomplishing a certain outcome.


These are the influencers that helped me re-shape my mind. Dr. Bruce LiptonJoe DispenzaArnold Schwarzenegger Brian BeginGrant CardoneEsther PerelRoss JeffriesDandapaniEric MarkovicKyle CeaseNiel StraussAllan de ButtonRobert GreeneGeorge Hutton

Automaton’s Ego

We talk a lot about AI, it’s computational abilities, it’s memory-capacity and how those capabilities could overtake human mental ability.
But what about “experience”? One of the central human characteristics is it’s ability to have an experience.

Agreed, the human is an automaton.

What is ego, but the fusion of the 50 trillion cells, certain analytical capacity, and the ability to save events as a library of experiences?

Principles of my Life

Change is the only constant in life. It’s more important to understand people than judge them. We all have 30000 days of life. Make every one of them count. Half way though my life, I actually have only about 15000. Knowledge has no value if it’s not applied.

Expectation to Destruction

Expectation leads to disappointment.
Disappointment leads to sadness.
Sadness leads to anger.
Anger leads to hatred.
Hatred leads to destruction.

Disrupt University Education for yourselves

Male Bonding

Esther Perel explains gender relations like no other.
Sports and military foster male-bonding, the social dynamic among men. 
Business however fosters anti-bonding among men. Dog-eat-dog, elbow everyone, step on other’s necks to make it to the top.

Employee Subscriptions

One way of looking at signing employment contracts is to view them as Subscriptions. Before signing up for a LinkedIn Premium subscription we ask ourselves, what am I going do with it, what's the ROI going to be, and what's the overall value to the company for paying this monthly amount.

Without denigrating the human value of an employee, it's important to value each employment for it's return to the business.

Actionable Point

While interacting with a specific employee, ask the question, is this subscription paying off for the business? Needless to say, we are signed up for as many subscriptions as the number of employees we have.

Human Intelligence

The homosapien is a super-intelligent specie, capable of inventing solutions to its problems.

But it sometimes benignly invents its own problems too. If weapons of mass destruction are an obvious example, taste, that wonderful sensation of the tongue and its neurological connection is another. The homosapien of the 21st century consumes nutrition primarily because it tastes good, secondary for its nutritional necessity. This is in contrast to other life forms on the planet.

Take the Time

A friend of mine has an underweight problem she has been fighting for a few months. She's been visiting a dietitian who subscribed a radically different diet. My friend was somewhat shaken by this new diet, because it would mean a dramatic change to her daily routine, her shopping and cooking habits and at some level her daily balance. After a few minutes of explaining to me, she broke down into tears, because of the burden of changes.

It occurred to me that she didn't have do this. She had a choice to not do the diet. Even better, she had the choice to do the diet at her own pace. I advised her to not mind the dietitian too much, but if she really wanted to do the diet, she should stay committed to it, and do it at a pace she felt comfortable. So no, no habits and routines need to be changed overnight. She could do it over a period of weeks or months. So long as she's gaining weight, it should be OK to take the time!

The next morning I got a call from her, that this simp…

Good people with bad habits

In professional relationships..

Bad people with bad habits: it’s easy to catch early and filter them out.

Good people with good habits are too rare. They hardly come by.

But good people with bad habits are more common.

These are the people whose enormous potential is being blocked by some self deceptions going on in their minds, that they don’t see, but others around them can tell. As always, those around us know a lot more about us than we ourselves (though 99.9% of the times we think it’s the other way around).

So what to do?

It turns out that good old objectivity is our best friend.

Consider a programmer I used to work with. He was an honest guy with good intentions to do a good job. At the end of the day however, he would live up to 40% of his potential. But he felt enormous stress in accomplishing even that. Worse yet, he thought he was giving his 100%.

How could we tell it was only 40%? We counted the number of lines of code he wrote, which averaged no more than 30 per day. Now…

Death & Detachment

When death comes, it's time to give everything up, everything you built, everyone you love. That's why people don't want to talk about it. It's sad, scarily sad.
I think being prepared for death is the ultimate act of detachment. And in detachment lies peace. As a sane man, would you choose peace or conflict within?
At any point in my life, I would like to have my dependents entitled to whatever I want to provide them. And that is limited. I want all my debts kept paid. Those things I create, I hope there are care-takers for it, and they benefit from them in future. Those people that had love for me, hopefully I did enough for them, that they do not remember any emotional debt.
Detachment then, is the key to living and dying a free life.

My Taxes are my Votes

Someone more democratic has to explain the flaw in this logic.
Little Macedonia went to a referendum in September 2018 to vote for essentially 3 national decisions.  Change of name from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to Nothern Macedonia. Implied in 1. and in relation to Greece‘s approval of the new name, entry into NATO. Implied in 1. and in relation to Greece‘s approval of the new name, entry into EU. I spent the last 4 days in this trip to Macedonia, discussing with friends and strangers, mainly their opinions about entering the EU. 

One of my employees mentioned that she does not care about the outcome and she didn’t vote. I had to admit to her that I myself miss voting, but definitely do care. With a little guilt injected due to that last admission, I went on to explain to her that my way of contributing to the democracies I live in is by paying taxes. Hard cash. Not 1 vote every few years that may or may not count, but cold money, that will definitely count. By that logic I …

Power-to-Inform and it’s Leverage

Recently after an argument about the controversial withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate agreement with friends at our local Irish Pub, a friend forwarded more info..
Financial Aid has been known, studied and documented to be a „tool of indebtation“ used to establish the superiority of industrialized nations over the under-industrialized ones.  So short-term US saves money by withdrawing, but longterm, they loose „a little“ leverage over the weaker nations of the world.  Trump‘s short-term goal seems to be financial austerity. 
Most of the $100bn ends in the pockets of politicians, power-brokers in poor nations.
More valuable for impacting systems in receiving-countries, than cash, is knowledge & technology transfer, via academic and industrial sectors. That’s a whole creative exercise in itself. 
Ps:  I wonder if the BBC is an unbiased source of news. Questionable for ex. above is if the 100bn „funding“ is supposed to be in cash …

Polarity with Employees

The 7 Universal Laws of Nature are the following.

Law of Vibration (or Energy or Focus)
Law of Relativity
Law of Cause and Effect
Law of Polarity
Law of Gestation
Law of Rhythm
Law of Transformation

Of these, I find the Law of Polarity applicable to my relationship with my employees. For the longest time, as I ran companies in Germany, India and Macedonia, I always tried to have my employees (team) on my side. I wanted them to think from my shoes, care for the companies they worked in like I did and take from them commensurate to what they give.

I must say, that for about 15 years now, I have consistently been disappointed with the outcomes of my endeavours to have my employees on "my side". Good pay, personal rapport, career development and equity in the companies never seemed to work to establish that special connection.

Perhaps because it was never meant to!

The Law of Polarity, applicable also to north-south, electron-proton, profit-loss, masculine-feminine, manifests i…

Full Day Schools in Stuttgart

Arguments against a full-day-school from for children of 1st to 4th class.
If the child returns at 17:00 from the school, returning home at 17:30 or so, there is less family-time before the child retires to sleep at ca. 19:00.If the child and parents are interested in development of extra-curricular skills like specific music instrument, specific sport etc., over and beyond what the school officially offers. One compromise would be to offer the mandatory lessons (Pflichtfächer) in the morning (till 12:00 or 13:00), and the optional ones in afternoon. Parents and children can opt to go to full-day or half-day school.