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German Mid-term Elections 2005

Following the loss in state elections in Nord-Rhein Westphalia in April-2005, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's SPD party decided to call a confidence vote in the German parliament, paving way for a general election in September the same year. As I write this log, elections are less than 30 days away and the summer in Germany has been anything but usual, a usually relaxed month with most people in vacation, converted to a dull month of rains and bad weather and remarkable frenzy of political activity.

The SPD (Socialists) and CDU/CSU (Conservatives) have crossed swords. SPD's mandate is squarely based on the Agenda 2010, whereby the purpose of the reforms is to shape up Germany into facing the challenges posed by the extraordinary phenomena facing every economy on this planet, called Globalization.

Indeed Germany is a little unprepared for this phenomena - the prime weakness being the cost of labor and production in the country. People enjoy a hi…