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Perl Web-Apps Without Sessions

I don't program much, but when I do it is usually Perl for one of Wapsol's Linux/*BSD based networking products. For user interaction we use a Web-GUI based on the multi-purpose web-based systems administration package Webmin (, which runs off a light weight webserver called miniserv. miniserv supports Perl/CGI, but not server-side-sessions, which makes it impossible to write apps like configuration wizards.

Luckily Perl's global availability of variables submitted through POST/GET comes to rescue when variables submitted have to be processed in several scripts/libraries. Without passing around the POST/GET variables in function calls it is possible to avail them through the %in hash which is available throughout the request/response, but is re-written upon the next call of the script.

This doesn't totally solve the problem, but helps to process several scripts with the submitted variables (in a single submission).