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Programming Enterprise Application in Perl - 00

SellerBay is a software package I have been developing part-time over the past 1 year. It's aimed to help online sellers make their sales activity efficient and as automated as possible. The commercial motivation comes from prospects of growth of online sales, and the impact that is going to have in reorganizing traditional sales-channels.

Perl is the lingua franca, which I mainly chose because:
I am familiar with it from past projects of developing network (LAN, 802.11) appliancesFrom the good things I read about how portable it is.It's age, the "old-wine" status. I just felt better going for something that's been around since so long.New languages like Ruby, Python etc as well as commercial spins like J2EE, .net were other options that crossed the decision table. .net was easiest to rule out, coz we all know from experience that stuff from the Microsoft-house-of-shit-software-sold-by-genius-marketing-campaigns is best to keep fingers off.

I've read a lot …