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Having just installed, a free & open source project management package and just getting into the routine of using it, a few experiences are documented here.

General Experience

Has been very good. The tool is quite mature and the authors have obviously done a lot of thinking on all the features implemented. This tool can actually be worth the benefit of a huge investment in an enterprise-wide PM solution, even without customization. Before installation, I read some testimonials that several SME's are using it for managing upto 60 different projects simultaneously with hundreds of users. Having installed and used if for a couple of days, I can now see why.

In spite of being undoubtedly a very useful enterprise/SME quality tool, there are several improvements that could make the package even more attractive to users. A few of those "like-to-have", and a few "must-have" features are documented below:

When can we have some AJAX?

Tickets on the Front View

Quickly Add New Tasks from Front View

Task Numbers

Would be useful to be able to see task numbers on task list. Helps a lot for communication when teams that are collaborating remotely.

To be continued...

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