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SellerBay is Going OpenSource!

For about 15-18 past months, I have been working on developing SellerBay(TM), a web-based, Perl-driven software package that's useful for small and medium sized online retailers to sell efficiently online. We've been selling a lot at and SellerBay has been immensely useful for the purpose.

I finally made the decision to contribute SellerBay to the OS community. My goal is partly a gesture of gratitude for all the good things OS has brought to me and partly to attempt building a user community around it which will improve the tool. I do feel that I am hitting my limits on architecture and software-engineering issues, so any ideas/work from anyone in the community could only help!

There are still a number of functions beyond concept-stage, so I will surely be writing new code and posting updates at All code is on SVN. Website, community forum, demo site are all yet to come.