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Finally, 1 little reason to Like M$

Finally, 1 tiny reason to say something nice about M$. Live Search is listing as top search result when searched for "wlan antenna".

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Strong Rupee - Reason for ITES Companies to go Europe!

A common joke in Hyderabad these days as the intense Indian summer sets in is which is higher - the Rupee vs. USD exchange rate or the temperature. Both are hovering around 40, with unfortunately the temperature out performing often at above 40°C.

The Indian Rupee (INR) as fallen a full 10% since the beginning of the year (from Rs. 44.11 to Rs. 40.93 at the time of this writing). This has some severe implications on the ITES industry as most earnings of Indian ITES companies are in USD. The currency rate adjustment primarily means that the worth of those earnings has just fallen by 10%.

The trend in fall of USD is predicted to continue to about Rs. 35.00, although this might happen in a progression over the remainder of the year. This would be a full 25% in fall of value of USD earnings for ITES companies that have long focused on the US market.

Having campaigned actively to Indian software companies to increase investments in European market development, I find this a paradigm shift…