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America could do Better

USA, the land of opportunity & freedom, they say, is going through a changing phase. While Germans obsess about catching up with America, here's a few things America could do better:

phpMyAdmin - Database Passwords Stop Working

Very reluctantly, I had to install phpMyAdmin (PMA) 2.10.2 (beta) on my Debian production server. Before I booed for doing this, let me just note that it was out of sheer compulsion that I had to do this.

Anyways, I noticed that CLI scripts from SellerBay stopped being able to connect to's OSC database, incessantly throwing this error:
sb09@ottawa:~$ ./app/scripts/OSC/ 1 -real
[Sat Jun 16 18:01:53 2007] DBI connect('host=localhost;database=confero_2007_01',' confero',...) failed: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client at /home/sb09/app/lib/Markets/OSC/ line 33It turns out that PMA's database libraries use a different password encryption algorithm than those used by the Perl installation SellerBay uses. I'm not yet sure why at all the passwords were re-saved after the PMA installation, as I didn't d…

.htaccess Redirect for SEO

Search Engines like to see a website's keywords embedded into the URL. So if I'm selling energy saving washing machines, most SE's, I am told, (Google included) like to see a URL that looks like: if you don't have access to that fancy domain name, then the next best chance is to use something like: can be setup using a .htaccess file in the document root directory of the website. Simply create a .htaccess file and drop in the redirection directive as follows:
Redirect /energy-saving-washing-machines ""So anybody clicking on will be redirected to

No need to restart/reload Apache

For any such redirections to start working, Apache doesn't need to b…