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Starting Apache2 without SSL

Our somewhat unreliable ISP serverpronto has power-outages and similar other problems which cause our machine hosted with them to reboot every couple of weeks. When our machine reboots, it fails to start the Apache2 process as the latter needs a pass-phrase for loading the SSL certificates. This pass-phrase has to be manually submitted, and hence Apache2 ends up hanging at boot time, thus rendering our machine useless for web-services.

A work-around has been implemented to do something like the below:
  • Implement a script to start Apache2 without SSL
  • Schedule a cron job using start-stop-daemon which will start Apache2 without SSL, i.e in a "lite" mode
  • Email admin that Apache2 is running in non-ssl mode, and it needs to be restarted with SSL (supply pass-phrase manually)