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Web 2.0 - Collaboration is Key

This is in response to a Xing-group posting at:;forum_id=26287;reply_id=4980042

As a small business owner, managing multiple ones, I am slowly but surely realizing that the key to organizing myself and the teams around me is to adapt online collaboration tools. This includes project management tools that centralize our activities in the virtual space, or document maintenance using Google Apps, or maintaining team Wiki's and Forums for pooling ideas together and documenting them for the future.

Google Apps, for example, has made the issue of document management within our internal IT infrastructure trivial. Except for sensitive documents such as customer information, we are able to use the generous disk-capacity offered by Google (in exchange of our keywords;) and applications to nicely access + maintain these docs.

Project management tools like BaseCamp are a start to online tools that work at the "speed of thought", though this particular tool still leaves users asking for important features like scheduling/calendar tools.

All-in-all I am going to drive my teams toward adopting more of collaborative / Web-2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 tools. Moreover, over the next several months, we'll be investigating ways to integrate our ERP and process-systems with platforms like Google's (see