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India vs. China

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I for one, find comparisions of India vs. China shallow. I think the final discussion should be about standards of lives of people - health, education and perspectives for future. So behind those lofty numbers and future projections - the key question is: Are citizens living better?

This has to be evaluated across the full breadth of each society - rural, urban, educated, illiterate, poor, rich and all such lines.

Also wanted to contradict the author's comment that there exists room for political turmoil in India. I believe the opposite to be true.

The Indian democracy, though apparently chaotic, is by definition, owing to the full representation of the nation's multi-faceted citizenary, a _perfect_ democracy. _Perfect_ as in "water is a perfect solvent" or "air with 21% oxygen + 78% nitrogen (+ 1% other gases) is _perfect_ composition of Earth's atmosphere".

The Indian democracy is structural…