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January 10, 2008 - mark your calendar

The TATA Rs. 1 Lakh car will be unveiled on Jan 10th, marking the dawn of a new global era in automobile consumption. This will have implications on
Global automobile economyIndia's manufacturing sector
EnvironmentIndian transportation infrastructureSo stay tuned and drop in your comments

Shengen Expansion

Yeay! This takes me back nostalgically into the wonderful time I spent in beautiful Slovakia during college years. Riding in a bus between Vienna and Bratislava, I had to stop over at a cold check-post for border control!

From today on, there will be no border between old Europe and Slovakia! 8 new countries have joined the Shengen zone, increasing vastly the potential for trade as well as tourism!

Full list of countries can be looked up at

The Dream of the Information Age

If this beauty of a device meets it's mission of being owned by every kid on the planet, we are looking to a new dimension of the Information Age.
For full profile of the device, visit BBC's technology page.

Poetry & Musik in Stuttgart / Kornwestheim

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a "Dichterlesen" - poetry reading, on invitation of one of a "culture-patron" in Kornwestheim.

Rajvinder Singh (Wikipedia), a first-generation Indian living in Germany since early 1970's, is a fascinating and talented writer and poet. He worked with the local Kornwestheim High School to train a group of 10-12 students to compose a short story and organize a combined reading to an audience of 20-25 invited guests.

Nice as that was, Rajvinder Singh, surprised me even more by going on to sing 2 Punjabi songs in front of a full German audience. My jaw dropped in fact at even the idea of it, but at the end, the songs was a complete delight, as much for me as for all others.

The 2nd delight of the night was to get to know Roswitha Meyer, who is a musician-enterpreneur on her way to establish the Orpheus Musiktheater in Stuttgart. Her forté is story-telling by combination of different arts - a single story is told at one time us…