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Open Source Developer's Hosting Dilemma, Google Code or DIY - the choice between the three option is a significant one. Each offers certain advantages and disadvantages. To get analytical about this, the below categorization should help:

sf.netGoogle CodeDIY
Content Revenuenone
Adsense and other options

Infrastructure Maintenancenone
High, including concerns of security and redundancy

Ease of Useaverage
Depends on choice of open source tools, feature road-map, community

Marketing exposurevery high

Basically it comes down to a trade off between accepting the overheads (effort, cost and risk) of maintaining own infrastructure and owning your content and users.

If the content is generating sufficient revenue, or shows a growth/maturity pattern that at some point not too far away in future shows it will generate sufficient revenue, to justify maintaining own infrastructure, I guess it makes sense to DIY.

com_staticxt - Joomla Module for Custom PHP

com_staticxt is a great module for including small amounts of PHP code for adding features to your Joomla driven CMS site.


Get code from
Installation is via the Admin area using Installers > Components.

Make sure to change permissions on relevant directories for web/admin based installation.

chmod 777 components/ tmp/ administrator/components
chmod 755 components/ tmp/ administrator/components

Customized Forms



exec option using "find"

"exec" can be used along with "find" in order to pass on a command to be applied to the output. This can be used for example for changing permissions of code files under a directory path.


This helps to remove subversion control files from a directory (and all it's sub-directories)
find . -type d -name '.svn' -exec rm -rf {} \;

This helps to keep your directory permissions clean
find public_html -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;


Practical Use
These 2 commands in a script will help secure your web-folder
ashant@washington:~/bin$ more secure_webfolders sudo /usr/bin/find $1 -type f -name '*.php' -exec chmod 644 {} \; sudo /usr/bin/find $1 -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

Lokale's in Stuttgart with Hotspot possibilities

Sydney´s, Calwer Str. 31
Wieners´s, Breitscheidstraße 10
Lichtblick, Reinsburgstr. 13
14U Coffebar, Königstr. 22
Café Künstlerbund, Schlossplatz 2
Café le Theatre, Bolzstr. 6
Café Soho, Schwabstr. 16A
bravo charlie in Stuttgart-Mitte