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Google Sites Collaboration Problem

I'm unable to collaborate a Site with people outside the Apps domain. Below is the post I made for the Sites team to know - just in case it doesn't get published on the support mailing list, here it is again..

I'm facing the same problem, namely, users from other domain URL's are not able to access my Site, inspite of having a Google Account address included as "Collaborator".

Scenario: My Site is under the Apps account of, and every login with is able to collaborate, view and own. However a coworker with whom I am trying to collaborate on this project and who has an Account is not able to even view my Site, let alone collaborate or own. He is redirected to the login page at Apps account, which is a no go, because xyz doesn't want to have an account at our domain. He's in this just for this project briefly and doesn't wish to be strapped with yet-another-username-password.

If I opt for &qu…

Where do you want to go tomorrow, Google?

I'm one of those people who struggles to hide his admiration for Google. I use Google Mail, Apps and Sites and swear by their usefulness to a small businesses and consumers.

This well written article presents a contra-view to my opinion and, at least at first sight, demonstrates a scenarios where 1. "Even Google can make mistakes" 2. "Even Google can be evil".

The truth (by judgment of end-user/consumer) however needs more research to be revealed, for which I wish there was more time at my hand. So for now, I'll stay happy using all the wonderful tools Google is providing for free and hope there won't be a stab in the back!