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Google Sites Collaboration Problem

I'm unable to collaborate a Site with people outside the Apps domain. Below is the post I made for the Sites team to know - just in case it doesn't get published on the support mailing list, here it is again..

I'm facing the same problem, namely, users from other domain URL's are not able to access my Site, inspite of having a Google Account address included as "Collaborator".

Scenario: My Site is under the Apps account of, and every login with is able to collaborate, view and own. However a coworker with whom I am trying to collaborate on this project and who has an Account is not able to even view my Site, let alone collaborate or own. He is redirected to the login page at Apps account, which is a no go, because xyz doesn't want to have an account at our domain. He's in this just for this project briefly and doesn't wish to be strapped with yet-another-username-password.

If I opt for "Anyone in the world may view this site", then xyz can only view. But I don't want to do this, since the contents of the Site are sensitive and should be confined to a small group of people.

If it's a temporary issue/bug, we'll put up with it for a while till it is fixed. If the behavior is by design, then we'll have to rethink if Sites is at all something for us.

Any comment from Google Guys will help.


On Feb 29, 4:22 am, Sites Guide wrote:
> Hi RaymondAitken,
> Thanks for considering Google Sites! We completely agree with you.
> Collaboration isn't limited to those just in your domain, although
> site creation is limited to those in your domain. Once created, a site
> can be shared with users both in and out of the domain. These users
> can be invited (using email addresses) as owners, collaborators, or
> viewers. We feel this models a typical organization, where the
> collaboration is initiated from within the organization, but includes
> people both in and outside the org.
> Mike
> The Google Sites Guide
> On Feb 28, 5:40 pm, RaymondAitken wrote:
> > Are the collaborators and viewers of Google Sites really limited to
> > those of the domain email address associated with the signed -up
> > Google apps organisation? If so, this is very limiting, because
> > organisations with a collaborative culture do not function just within
> > their own organisational boundaries. They are creating projects and
> > undertaking initiatives in partnership with collaborators and sponsors/
> > clients (viewers from many other organisations. Google Sites is not
> > very useful to its intended users if it really restricts the
> > permissions for collaboration and viewing to just those people who
> > have email addresses belonging to the site creator. Can someone from
> > Google Sites give some feedback about this user issue? - Thanks