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Emotions against Pakistan in wake of 26/11

In wake of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai of 26/11, as one tries to put together the whole picture, and the mind seeks to differentiate friends from enemies, I must confess that all my negative emotions are directed against Pakistan. Hopefully this is temporary, but hopefully Pakistan does something on their part in order to ease India's frustration.

It is indeed plausible that the attacks have nothing to do with the government of Pakistan. This is however not to say that the ISI, which is a power in itself in that country, is not abetting terrorists. If Pakistan's concerns for terrorist attacks in India are any more than crocodile tears, it should reflect in gradual rounding up of terror groups operating out of Pakistan and their elimination.

Pakistan hopefully realizes that terror in India will cause definitive collateral damage to itself, it's image in the world, it's economy and the dignity of it's own people.

2050 till India the 2nd Largest Economy?

Predictions like this one by Goldman Sachs usually surprise me in how conservative they are. It predicts India will overtake the US economy to become the world's 2nd largest economy by 2050, behind China.

I believe it will not take that long. I've stated before that the entrepreneurial potential of the Indian people is it's biggest strength and source of new jobs and wealth. This in turn, together with a free market and enterprise facilitates unpredictable disruptions, such as the successive booms of the telecommunication and organized retail sectors.

I predict that disruptions of the future will result from business models and new markets discovered at bottom of the pyramid (BOP), while the higher parts of the pyramid continue to develop in more or less predictable fashion.

Studies & reports such as the one above from Goldman Sachs fail to factor such "insider-effects" in India as BOP and the demographic dividend.

Next generation corporate DNA

I've had some great food for thought over this weekend reading up into insights at:

Unfortunately the comments seem to have been closed, so here's a short note of response here from me..
I think one thing that I'd like to place on record here that, in the old corporate DNA companies placed share-holder value before customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. That needs to change, probably putting employees first, customer closely next, and the pure-greed driven (I mean this in an objective way) share-holders third.

Thanks for the great insights!