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What can Fix Indian Political System

With the outpour of anger against the political establishment in India after the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, 4 measures seem appropriate for fixing the Indian political system for good.
Starting some near future year, ex. 2015, no politician with a criminal record should be allowed to candidate for the state assemblies or the parliamentCandidating age should be maximum of 65. This will motivate young people to choose politics as a serious career choice. The experienced 65+ veterans should seek out advisory roles.A political scorecard should be maintained by media elements (national as well as regional media players) for the promises made by a certain party before election. This should best be broadcast continuously on how the politician is performing relative to his mandate commitments. It should also be broadcast prior to next election.As for foreign policy, New Delhi's security agencies should systematically target Pakistan's terror camps and demolish them. Foreign intellig…