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on Satyam..

... had to let off some steam on this guy..


What happened is unfortunate, and one can point a "moral-finger" at Raju. Through criminal prosecution, the law should take it's course.

But let's not forget, before using words like "shame on...", that this very man..

* created a company from scratch (1 employee in 1987)
* that had run well for some 22 years,
* created thousands of job over the years,
* fed many families,
* paid taxes to Republic of India,
* made many 1000's rich in the stock market, and,
* created an IT company that many millions have been proud of for many years (and still are).

So while wrong-doing should be punished, and will be, little guys like you and me should use some retrain in our language!


Visual Guide to the 2007-08 Financial Crisis

Eye Sight to a Billion

Professor Josh Silver has devised a pair of glasses which rely on the principle that the fatter a lens the more powerful it becomes. Inside the device's tough plastic lenses are two clear circular sacs filled with fluid, each of which is connected to a small syringe attached to either arm of the spectacles.

Full article at:

Inventor's 2020 vision: to help 1bn of the world's poorest see better | Society | The Guardian

Logging in Perl

For months now, my learning curve of Perl had completely flattened, in spite of the infinite richness of the language and my low knowledge-level of it. Finally, the problem of efficiently monitoring my KeepInTouch and SellerBay production usage apps are addressed in Log4Perl, seems to offer the next skill-upgrade opportunity in Perl.

Log4Perl is an easy, sophisticated, and everything-in-between logging API to Perl applications. Among it's capabilities:
log to a log-file of your choice, or to STDOUT, or to STDERR
dispatch emails for certain application runtime conditionsconfiguration in an external conf-file, or inline in code... much more ...
I'm mainly keen to monitor scripts run by my cronjobs, whose performance I'm unable to track on a daily basis otherwise.

Comprehensive manpage at CPANArticle on, for practitionersLog file conversion patterns