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Showing posts from February, 2009

Google Docs Rocks again!

Just when Google Docs was starting to stale and pale in features, a bunch of new features are charming the public again.

Check out Forms in the G-Docs Suite. (I'm so happy my subscription on Survey Monkey expired;)

Using these features, I'm hoping it will be possible to spin new forms and make data from Spreadsheets available on my Joomla! sites.

3 Features that Keep Taking me Back to Open Office

Three features that I miss in Google Docs and which keep taking me back to Open Office are:
Templates: I can't possibly work on business documents without creating and storing templatesDocument Variables: Several documents, for ex. contracts, project protocols etc, need changing a set of variables.Merge with Spreadsheet: Serial letters that allow integration with a Google Spreadsheet are a must for heavy users of office software.The good news is that Open Office handles these features well.

Lohnsteuer-Rechner 2009

Wieviel Lohnsteuer zahlen Sie? Berechnen Sie hier Ihr Nettoeinkommen mit Ihren Sozialabgaben. Mit diesem Online-Lohnsteuerrechner.


Wer zahlt wie viel in die Rentenversicherung ein?

Mehr netto: Freibetr├Ąge auf der Lohnsteuerkarte nutzen - This article suggests Werbekosten (including transportation to and fro place of work) can be deducted from Lohnsteuer calculation.

Fun with Business Intelligence

Of late, on behalf of a customer, I've had the opportunity to work on the fascinating world of Business Intelligence.

This article by Cindi Howson at B-eye-Network does a good overview of the subject.

Other interesting resources:

Stop EU Patents

Way back I voiced against software patents in Europe.

It's time to rejuvenate the fight. Learn all about why software-patents will kill competition in our industry and Sign a petition today!