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Open Office 3.0 Surprises

Has anyone noticed the pleasant surprises in the Open Office 3.0 release?
It includes OO-Draw, which is a Visio-like drawing tool.  I used Lanflow from Pacestar (single user license for 89$) for the purpose previously, but it's nice to have a tool within the OO-Suite.  I'm keen to see if network diagrams are possible with Draw.
For those of you using OO in technical academia, OO-Math will let you write formulae, equations etc conveniently.
Download OpenOffice 3.0.x

New Business Models for Indian IT SME's

Since the service industries revolution in India of the 1990's a majority of IT SME's have focused on providing software and systems development for customers in USA, Middle-East, UK, Japan and other smaller markets like Singapore/Malaysia, Australia/NZ and Africa.

This series of articles highlights a few new business models that could help Indian IT SME's survive the global recession of 2009-2010 and drive a new era of growth.
Value Added Resale (VAR) services for established product platformsPartnership for product companies from US and Europe to enable penetration into the Indian domestic marketAdaptation products and tools made in India for overseas markets, in cooperation with local partnersTo be continued...