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Black Book Blunders

First posted at group on Xing.

Not sure if the public gives any credit to this 8-page report with a big-fat title, which seems to have been done on a flight from New York to Florida, but it seems to have been cooked up to targetedly discredit India as an offshore-destination.

Notice that in the Introduction section the authors take reference to terrorist events (plural) in India. For starters, there was just one terror attack, in Mumbai, on the 26th November, 2008. But hey, wait...

under Methodology > Primary Research, it has been stated that the data for this report has been collected between Oct 20th and Nov 12th!! Makes me asks - were the conclusions for the report made before the data was collected (and the attack on 26/Nov used as basis for conclusions)??

I don't want to pick on this one detail too much, but it looks like all nearshore destinations have been fully eliminated from the risk-list. (Moscow has been included in the safe-list).

Besides, since when have Dublin (part of the UK, which the report claims to have excluded from data-pool) and Singapore started to be considered offshore locations? These locations are more expensive than several continental US locations.

Last but not least, this report might as well be named "Travel Advisory for Offshore Outsourcers". A risk-analysis for offshore outsourcing should probably cover much more factual depth, covering aspects such as technical competence of companies, process maturity (CMMi/ISO certifications), future-proofness of offshore partners (how big are they, how high is the management commitment, will they be around in 5-10 years, _and_ direct or indirect impact on innovation-abilities of US and European companies.