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Joomla! Link Structure | Inter-Content Links

The Joomla! link structure has been mystifying me off late as I try to create some links in the content area without the template, menus etc. changing. Until now the only links I used were in menus, but never "inter-content" links.

According to Alledia's Understanding Joomla ItemID, there are two identifiers that are key to calling Joomla content - the ItemID and the ID. What these correspond to are alluded to in Alledia's article.

Key questions are:
  • Where to get the Id from
  • Where to get the ItemId from
The Id is the content identifier, which can be noted from the Article Manager.

The ItemId is the unique identifier that Joomla! uses to construct your page with the different modules, their positions, and other such page-structure related decisions the CMS has to make.

In addition the option=com_content request parameter is needed to be passed in.