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Poor Email Integration in Zoho-CRM

I've reported in the past about Zoho-CRM and my on-going love affair with the tool. See past posts.

Recently one of the technical support staff helped me setup POP3 access with my Apps/Gmail account. Having used it, email integration using this the POP3 mechanism seems quite rough at the moment. Following feedback for folks at Zoho and their user-community.

  1. Well, we finally have some email tracking in Zoho-CRM.
  1. Only received emails into Gmail account appear in the contacts list. What about CRM record of messages that originated from me?

    Zoho's standard answer to this is: "Use ZohoMail to send all your emails, and we'll sort those the CRM ones under your Contacts". It's near to impossible to move to ZohoMail for us since we have long standardized on Gmail, and hence this is not really an option.
Feature Request
  1. Not all conversations are releated to CRM (ex. emails relating to project work). It should be possible to hide/delete such mails from the CRM records.
  2. It should be possible to view messages pertaining to _all_ email addresses listed under a contact name.