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Japan's Whaling Fleet - 2009-10

4 x Sonic Cannons in 2009-10, compared to 1 in 2008-09
1 x Spotter Aircraft, compared to none in previous years
1 x Factory Ship
1 x Supply Ship
1 x Spotting Vessel, to trail Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin
4 x Whale Hunter-ships

Japan's Killing Targets for 2009-10

935 x Mink Whales
20 x Fin Whales
50 x Humpbacks

Source:, as of 16.12.2009

Sea Shepherd - Hunters Become Hunted - Documentary on Sea Shepherd's Work

Every year Norway, Iceland and Japan massacre about 1000 whales in the oceans of the planet, often in defince of international laws.  The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society takes direct action against whaling fleets to shut down their buchery in the ocean.

These videos will give you the facts on whaling in the oceans and Sea Shepherd's action against them.




I'm setting up a Christmas donation for Sea Shepherd.  Anyone willing to pitch in $10, please donate directly at, or email me (or leave a comment here) and I'll help you with the process.

Thank you for looking out for your oceans!

News from Operation Walzing Matilda (2009-2010)
Japan deploys military ships to protect whaling-vessels