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Sea Shepherd does a Homerun in 2009-10 Operation Waltzing Matilda

Sea Shepherd beat all records, and odds, and returned home in flying colors from the 2009-10 Waltzing Matilda campaign this season, having saved 528 whales during this season.

The below table shows the original Japanese Killing Target (JKT) and the dramatically reduced numbers that actually fell prey, thanks to direct-intervention by Sea Shepherd.

 JKTTotal KilledWhales SavedHumpback Whales50050Fin Whales50149Minke Whales935506429Totals1035507528
Still, it is an unspeakable tragedy that over 500 inhabitants of the ocean biosphere have been massacred within a span of 2 months.  Donate today, and help provide the resources to save those lives as well!

We thank Sea Shepherd for cutting down the Japanese Killing Target to less than half this year, and wish them god-speed in their upcoming campaign in the Mediterranien to stop over-fishing of the Bluefin-Tuna.  We pledge to continue our support to this amazing group of conservationists.
For reading more on the results of Operation Waltzing M…