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Apple Served the Sentence, but Google Delivered the Blow - on Flash

This could be a longer post and I need to fill in the research.  It seems to me that if Steve Job's Thoughts on Flash from April 2010 spoke the word in the public, that Adobe Flash is going to be rejected by the Internet, it seems to me, 3 years later, that Google is the one that really delivered the "death blow" to the technology. A few things Google did to this end were:
Ranked flash-driven sites lower, because Google's keyword based search algorithms couldn't decipher the .swf binariesChampioned HTML5 as an Internet standard that could deliver audio-visuals on the browser.Much before Jobs' public claim to ban Flash from the iPhone/iPad, Google almost never utilized Flash technologies for their apps, even in the classics since the beginning- Gmail, Google Apps, Blogger etc. So over the last 2-3 years, "web-makers" like me and my team at euroblaze, have had almost no incentive to build sites in Flash, and offer them to site-owners and site-users.