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Postbox 3 for Mac - Rants & Review

About a year ago, scared by Gmail's/Google-NSA-Unintentional-Axis and the sheer ferocity that cloud-software companies have been pursuing my confidential data - "Data is the new gold" - we've re-sworn our commitment to OpenSource software. This lead me to test Thunderbird as an alternative mail-client in our company. Alas, the usability, and one might argue even the stability of the software, at least on the Mac are deeply deficient. Gmail's webmail-client, on day of this writing, is far superior to Thunderbird, period.

Having given up on TB, my next try has been Postbox, at the time touting itself as "Awesome Email". I was pleasantly surprised to note that Postbox is a fork of Thunderbird, where they indeed cleaned up a number of features, and apparently focused on exactly the usability problems TB was failing. It makes the impression that the software is a work in progress. I want to use this blog-post to document some of the minor and major problems …