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Daily Machine Learning

This is a post to list a few daily AI applications. An alarm clock that knows you are awake and won't ring. Easy one, a web browser which can find "similar pages" to the webpage currently being read.

Yet Another New World Order

Zeitgeist was eye-opening enough, and along with the Venus Project, inspiring. But while both concepts did a great job of painting a picture of a utopian future, neither helped to connect in my mind the present world-order, with that Utopia. That being such, here're a few things that could improve living conditions, at least in the industrialized world. Nationalize following industries:1. Food production, processing and distribution. 2. Research, production and distribution of medicine. There are a few necessities for life - air, water, food, shelter, medicine, education, security and some would argue information (facilitated by Internet). A society aspiring for a "high standard of life", could aspire to guarantee these basics to itself. Essentially, these industries should remain outside the domain of profit-making.While the above sounds utopian at it's own level, it leaves the key question of innovation open. Can the public-sector in these "necessary industrie…

We Forgot the Family

I haven't presented my argument yet.. :)I find the views above, Bhagat's included, being based on a single snapshot in time and socioeconomic cross-section. The conditions have of course evolved over a larger time-span, differently for many types of women, and must be addressed as such. Say what you say, do what you do, you won't be able to change the present social conditions for the "modern" woman. It's too late - these circumstances were programed over 50-100 years ago for you. Here's what happened:Long long ago, physical work provided food and shelter. Men have more physical energy hence controlled those emenities. Some 49,900 years passed like that. Same pattern in all cultures: men work/till/hunt, women care for home & family. Time to time, people had amusing debates and  serious fights alike, about which activity was more important. But men dominated for sure (hence such terms like "partiarchical societies" got introduced into common …

Paris Killing of Journalists

Last month it was Peshawar. Now it's Paris. What the hell is going on? And what a hole just got dug in the logic of those Germans that came out against #Pegida only days ago.
I felt sad to read that piece of news at I usually feel sad when I loose something. It wasn't obvious at that moment what I had just lost, since I knew none of the victims, or even anybody in Paris.
Of course the loss was of faith. Faith in the vision, that somehow slowly, the terrible divide between Islam and the rest of the world will narrow. It just seems to have widened today. How can peace come of this? For the only true victory is that of peace.
Here is a collection of responses from the mainstream press of the day.
No, I am not Charlie - Sandip Roy - FirstPost