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Yet Another New World Order

Zeitgeist was eye-opening enough, and along with the Venus Project, inspiring. But while both concepts did a great job of painting a picture of a utopian future, neither helped to connect in my mind the present world-order, with that Utopia. That being such, here're a few things that could improve living conditions, at least in the industrialized world. Nationalize following industries:1. Food production, processing and distribution. 2. Research, production and distribution of medicine. There are a few necessities for life - air, water, food, shelter, medicine, education, security and some would argue information (facilitated by Internet). A society aspiring for a "high standard of life", could aspire to guarantee these basics to itself. Essentially, these industries should remain outside the domain of profit-making.While the above sounds utopian at it's own level, it leaves the key question of innovation open. Can the public-sector in these "necessary industrie…