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In 2 years, how many problems have been solved?

Amidst a heated argument about the performace of the current central government, a friend asked in despair, if citizens could do anything about absurd laws being passed by the 2 year old central government in India. ___
We don't have an option but to accept governments' decision. All govts. central, state, present, past, future. 
But Govt. is answerable. And we as public have to hold them accountable, latest by next election. 
Honestly, like many many citizens, you I am sure, I was very hopeful of this Govt., which started its work 2 years ago. Every decision made by them, I have observed their motivations, implementation method, and most importantly, the outcomes, results. 
First there was Make in India, an appeal to foreign companies to invest in India. Here in Germany, I know many industrialists who have been always excited about investing in India, because of low labour costs and trainable young people. But their show stoppers have been availability of electricity, law &a…

Why I am Impressed with Macedonian Millennials

Over the last 4 weeks, I have personally been recruiting a team of interns for our office in Skopje, Macedonia, and we are close to having 4 recruits onboard. Equipped with a wonderfully efficient new ERP that facilitated scoring over 2000 social-media contacts generated over 3 months, I managed without the help of an assistant, to schedule 10 interviews and zero down on 4 hires. For me this is a minor success, given how hard it has become to hire motivated and qualified IT talent world over, particularly in markets we operate - India, Macedonia and Germany. 
Along the way, I came to appreciate talking to a crop of Macedonian Millennials, perhaps all the way enjoying the contact with the "kids" (as I like to call them), who clearly lie outside my own professional demography.
I was impressed with the honesty of the young women and men. I cannot remember of an instance when I felt the interviewees exaggerated their credentials and abilities. Or even consciously concealed in…

New Generation Indian Movies

BanglaAgantukAPU TrilogyMegha dhake taaraTeluguAitheHindiKilling VeerappanRaman RaghavAirliftA WednesdayDev DMasanKhosla ka GhoslaOy lucky lucky oySex sur DhokaLSDMadaariDirector's to WatchAnurag KashyapSujoy GhoshNeeraj PandeySriram RaghavanDibaker BanerjeeOther SourcesTVF Movies on YouTube

Space-Spending, a Minor Frontier

India cherishes it's space-exploration industry, mainly through it's public institutions. Below is it's 2015 spending compared to other major world-economies, prior PPP-adjustment.

Sources: List of Countries by Projected GDP OECD 2016, Space and Innovation, OECD Publishing, Paris (online copy)

Putting Horse Before the Carriage: Profit First, Cashflow Next

As an SME owner, I've had the enriching experience of steering my companies through many difficult times. Few are so hard to overcome as the classical cashflow bottlenecks. You know you will have it available in 2 weeks, when that one client will pay, but there is payroll to process tomorrow. Managing those bottlenecks, as an entrepreneur, your main goal of running an enterprise, to make a profit, remains a secondary aftermath, never actually knowing how the year would close. Often, the balance-sheet refers to a profit, but there isn't an actual cash-balance to pay it out to the entrepreneur.

I have seen this happen in my SMEs over a decade of operations, before a simple idea occurred, of "putting the horse in front of the cart", in other words, putting profit before cashflow. We have since started to book a certain percentage of our revenue into a dedicated bank account (which we call our "diet account"), as soon as customer payments flow in, and forget…

Litmus Test for Starting a New Business

While planning the strategy for a new business, before starting to execute, ask the following questions. They are sort of a Litmus Test for if we should enter the market or not. Are we disrupting the target market?Do we have resources to deliver?Can we sell enough to grow?Filled out the Business-Model-Canvas?