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In 2 years, how many problems have been solved?

Amidst a heated argument about the performace of the current central government, a friend asked in despair, if citizens could do anything about absurd laws being passed by the 2 year old central government in India.

We don't have an option but to accept governments' decision. All govts. central, state, present, past, future. 

But Govt. is answerable. And we as public have to hold them accountable, latest by next election. 

Honestly, like many many citizens, you I am sure, I was very hopeful of this Govt., which started its work 2 years ago. Every decision made by them, I have observed their motivations, implementation method, and most importantly, the outcomes, results. 

First there was Make in India, an appeal to foreign companies to invest in India. Here in Germany, I know many industrialists who have been always excited about investing in India, because of low labour costs and trainable young people. But their show stoppers have been availability of electricity, law & order, corrupt government officials. This interest of foreign companies has never changed. So when this govt. came to Europe with Make in India message, they asked the same questions. And the answer was: "the problems remain".

I don't want to compare with other governments, but it's not the first time foreign-investment initiatives have been taken. Every govt has to do it. That's why we already have many foreign companies in India. 

Swachch Bharat was the same. Are our cities cleaner?

On national security, are our enemies any weaker?

And now this demonetization. 
The corruption exists in govt., not private sector. Private sector makes it's money by hard work. 
Likewise public is clean, hardworking, going about their daily karma, raising families, taking care of their elderly. 
So the major corruption is in govt., politicians, and minority of business people mixed with corrupt officials. 
You would think our PM knows this much. 
So why was the whole population put to so much trouble?

This is why: This govt. is going for populist moves, which make them look like superhero. They are obsessed with showing themselves as superman, forgetting that every problem in India is very very complex to solve. Problems are linked like a web, like a Chkravyuh. They take intelligent thinking, persistence, connection with the public, and in-depth understanding of issues. 
This govt. has all of these, that's why people trusted them, but they are not delivering on them. 
Instead they are placing their bets on band-aid solutions like pulling out currency notes. 
None of India's noteworthy problems are solvable with band-aid methods. 

This govt is also busy making a demi-god of the PM, so they win next elections. 

यह हमारे विचार है।