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Stay focused on being creative

There's a lot of sh** that's going wrong in my company and life right now. Bombs going up all over the place.

My only escape that seems to work, to tune out of the fear, disappointment and depression is to seek out for creative tasks like working on a marketing idea, solving a product-market-fit or stitching together a new solution. 
In fact, someone said that one cause for release of dopamine is creative thinking. This is a great protective mechanism.

B2B Software Product Development

I guess this holds for any product, but I'll limit my notes to B2B software.

You have to remember that you can't be everything for everybody. You have to know who your primary customer is, and focus your product on him.

Hopefully your are right in estimating his demand, and right about your solution for his problem. Else you may pay a heavy price, in wasted time, effort, investment (and emotional attachment), because your primary customer may refuse your solution.

Of course, an after-life may exist, if you manage to pivot successfully, but don't count on this succeeding, because by this time, your capacities would be much reduced.

Leadership Rules

Don't have a fight with your team on battle day.A leader should have the ability to walk into a room with a deeply depressed/demotivated team, and light it up.In every relationship you have with another person, lead it.