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Alumni Talks

Friends from HPS-R,

How about making this day more useful by offering school-kids a little insight into our professions
We have film-makers, doctors, bankers, traders, industrialists, entrepreneurs, open-source-contributors, educationalists and of course engineers. 
Talking a bit about where real-life took us after HPS would give school-children unique and memorable accounts that will etch into the young minds. 
We have literally travelled the world, and seen & done amazing things. We, and only we, can provide this unique glimpse in-person, of the breadth of the fascinating world that lays ahead of  those of our kin – the HPS school boy & girl.

The format could be 30-60 min sessions, split into multiple classrooms, in parallel talks. People attend based on their interest. This way max. breadth can be offered. 
If a few projectors could be arranged, visual aids can be used. Tell a story, inspire young minds. 

Of course this is more work that showing up for a good time, but the positive impact on children would be huuuge. There will be many, "wow, I want to be like that, I want to do that" moments. 

Plus, this should give our old teachers a glimpse into what became of us, incase they wonder, to their satisfaction.

Contributions to Alumni Fund

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