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Vanity at 40

40 is a serious turning point in a man's life, if you let it be. With almost all of life's fundamental needs fulfilled by now – marriage, kids, profession and some wealth to your name, it seems like the krug of life has gotten full. Vanity sets in. A strange sense of weight and inertia sets in, making us feel heavy, less manoeuvrable, less agile and less alive.

But is the krug of life really full? How about if you managed to expand the volume of the krug in your mind, since our world is what we perceive it to be, and make it look like an empty one again? Could you see a second youth that way. Couldn't you be 20 again, only with another 20 years of experience?

A large set of social-norms, life's frameworks like family, profession, social-status and worst of all, our own perception of the self come in the way. A conscious mind will however boldly manage them, to have it all back again, and maybe never let it go.

Because our would is.. what we perceive it to be.