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Polarity with Employees

The 7 Universal Laws of Nature are the following.

Law of Vibration (or Energy or Focus)
Law of Relativity
Law of Cause and Effect
Law of Polarity
Law of Gestation
Law of Rhythm
Law of Transformation

Of these, I find the Law of Polarity applicable to my relationship with my employees. For the longest time, as I ran companies in Germany, India and Macedonia, I always tried to have my employees (team) on my side. I wanted them to think from my shoes, care for the companies they worked in like I did and take from them commensurate to what they give.

I must say, that for about 15 years now, I have consistently been disappointed with the outcomes of my endeavours to have my employees on "my side". Good pay, personal rapport, career development and equity in the companies never seemed to work to establish that special connection.

Perhaps because it was never meant to!

The Law of Polarity, applicable also to north-south, electron-proton, profit-loss, masculine-feminine, manifests itself in the employer-employee relationship. As an employer, it is best to accept the polarity, and not waste energy fighting the forces of separation that exist between owner and worker. They are probably there for a good reason, and experience showed, that they are probably unbreakable.

Let them be at their place. They are oarsmen on a ship that I built and own that has set sail to a promised-land that I want to reach. Some oarsmen will stop to row, some will slow, some will jump ship. It's imminent and there's no reason to expect otherwise. The owner will manage the oarsmen such that the ship will never stall, slow or sink and as fast as possible, reach it's destination.