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Power-to-Inform and it’s Leverage

Recently after an argument about the controversial withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate agreement with friends at our local Irish Pub, a friend forwarded more info..

Financial Aid has been known, studied and documented to be a „tool of indebtation“ used to establish the superiority of industrialized nations over the under-industrialized ones. 
So short-term US saves money by withdrawing, but longterm, they loose „a little“ leverage over the weaker nations of the world. 
Trump‘s short-term goal seems to be financial austerity. 

Most of the $100bn ends in the pockets of politicians, power-brokers in poor nations.

More valuable for impacting systems in receiving-countries, than cash, is knowledge & technology transfer, via academic and industrial sectors. That’s a whole creative exercise in itself. 

I wonder if the BBC is an unbiased source of news. Questionable for ex. above is if the 100bn „funding“ is supposed to be in cash or is possibly also via other valuable contributions, for ex. tech-transfer. The word „cash“ has been conveniently skipped.
Luckily, the Arabs, Chinese, Russians and a little bit the Indians, also in the meanwhile cover these topics in English media.
There are independent reporters & journalists that provide different points of view on YT channels, often well researched.

It _costs the average Joe like us a long _time to form a 360° educated opinion based on facts and analysis.
And there are many such topics, not just one, that take time to study and understand. 

Ultimately, we ask ourselves, what’s the value of such exhaustive analysis to me, if I spend my time and energy in the 360° study? 
So we usually fallback on high-branded „opinion makers“ like the BBC, CNN etc.. for a „quick opinion“. 
These agencies knowing the public‘s dependence on pre-chewed information, ensure to take advantage of their power-to-inform by brokering it to vested interests, governments and big-business to name the primary ones.

This is a form of population-control (some may call it mind-control), that can be leveraged by the sections of the greater world order that hold power.